Tips & Tricks to stop gel polish lifting

One of the best things about gel polish is it can last around 2-3 weeks. So, if your gel polish starts to lift, it can be very frustrating. There are loads of tips and tricks that can help with lifting.
1 Buff your nails using a 240 grit (or higher) buffer. Buff in one direction and remember, you are trying to rough up your nails, not make them smooth. If you buff in multiple directions, you are more likely to over-buff.
2. Be especially careful and do not over-buff the tips. You really only need to buff the new growth each time you do your nails, but if you are having a problem with lifting, go ahead and buff the whole nail.
3. Use rubbing alcohol to cleanse the nail after buffing. If the extra nail debris stays under the gel polish it will cause lifting. Use 91% alcohol and a lint free wipe.
4. Use acetone to dehydrate the nails.
5. Use a bonder on your nails and it will really help with lifting. The bonder makes removal extremely difficult if you use it on the whole nail, so start with just where you are having a problem with lifting.
6. Make sure you properly prep and paint your nails. If you forget any steps like cleansing or buffing it can definitely cause lifting. Also, make sure you paint the nails properly.
7. When painting your nails, avoid the cuticles and nail edges.
8. Use very thin coats when using gel polish. Thick coats can cause lifting.
9. Don’t forget to cap the free edge when you paint your nails. Cap the free edge last, then go back over the rest of the nail to make sure all the gel polish is smooth at the tips.
10. Sometimes, the quality of your lamp can cause lifting. If you have a cheap lamp, try a better one.
11. Your UV lamp bulbs may need to be replaced. When UV bulbs are dying, you may have problems with curing and lifting. If you’ve had your UV lamp for awhile, try replacing the bulbs.
12. Apply cuticle oil and hand cream AFTER doing your nails. Gel polish removal requires acetone, which can dry out the nails.